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skyehammer clan

Renowned for their barbaric and merciless nature, the Skyehammer Clan charges headlong into battle, their onslaught marked by a whirlwind of sweat and blood. Strategic considerations, self-preservation, and tactical maneuvers hold little significance for them. With no fear of death in combat, as dying with the names of their Dark Gods on their tongues is the ultimate honour for a Norse warrior, the Skyehammer warriors exhibit unwavering bravery.
The denizens of the north have no use for ploughs or sickles, as their implements of choice are the axe, the sword, and the shield.

They take what they require from the lands of lesser men, relying on their tools of war to secure sustenance and resources, shunning the mundane tasks of farming and cultivation.

The Skyehammer Clan, originating from the Graylings Tribe, is a people feared for their unparalleled ferocity. Hailing from the foothills of the Vanheim Mountains on the northern coast of the Norse peninsula, they strike terror into the hearts of their adversaries.

Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, the Skyehammer Clan seeks refuge in settlements they ravage with axes and swords. Following a string of triumphant months plundering the lands of the Empire, they have been enticed westward by tales of mighty knights who offer prayers to a potent water goddess. Should these stories prove true, the Skyehammer Clan eagerly anticipates facing worthy foes, their severed heads destined to capture the attention of their malevolent deities.


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