What factions will be involved?

In the first episode of Chaos Rising, we'll see the denizens of fair Breton face off against the blood-thirsty Marauders of The Svarthammar Clan!

Where is filming taking place?

Filming is taking place entirely in Scotland, with Duncarron Medieval Village being used as the primary filming location!

What can we expect from the series?

Chaos Rising is a 3-part web-series that will provide a dark and bloody portrayal of the Old World (inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy Universe). Follow the battle between the brutal Svarthammar Clan and the desperate defenders of the fortified village of Raissal. Made by longtime fans of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe and brought to life through brutal on-screen combat, authentic costumes and props as well as epic locations!

Will there be monsters?

Unfortunately as you can imagine, portraying any of the fantastical creatures you know and love will require some serious budget and SFX/digital effects. We're doing our very best with what we have available to us (which is surprisingly a lot!) but who knows what could happen in the future!

How can we help?

Our Kickstarter campaign will be dropping very shortly, all funds raised through this will be put towards making the series as polished as we'd all like it to be. Any donations will be very gratefully received!

What cameras are we using?

Trailer footage is on a Sony A7III. Subsequent filming will either be on a Sony FX6 or a mix of Sony FS7 (for daytime shots) and A7III (for nighttime/b-cam). Depending on the success of our Kickstarter campaign we will be shooting on an ARRI Alexa.

Where does Chaos Rising stand regarding IP and copyright concerns?

We've had to take certain steps in order to ensure Chaos Rising goes ahead and can be enjoyed by our fans. Without these changes, Chaos Rising would be impossible to film and release. We can assure you that the original story we pitched will be unaltered and remain an action fantasy film inspired by a wide range of fantasy sources, including Warhammer and not a historical re-enactment. The story will still follow a group of savage blood thirsty Marauders laying siege to a heavily fortified village occupied by valiant knights. There will still be blood, skulls and chaos! All we ask is that you use your imagination and we can assure you will be satisfied by the results.