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  • When will Chaos Rising be released?
    The creators have announced that the film will be released in the summer of 2023.
  • Where can I watch the final film?
    The film will be released on our YouTube channel, it will be free to watch.
  • Where are my Kickstarter rewards?
    We have made every effort to fulfill the delivery of hundreds of items to our generous fans worldwide. Regrettably, we encountered various technical difficulties and infrastructure issues that caused delays in some shipments. If you have not yet received your item, it is possible that you may have overlooked filling out the survey with your delivery information. We kindly request you to reach out to us at, and we will promptly address the situation to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is committed to resolving any outstanding issues as quickly as possible.
  • What can we expect from the series?
    Chaos Rising serves as a proof-of-concept film, delivering a grim and visceral depiction of a fantasy medieval world, drawing inspiration from the Warhammer Old-World Fantasy Universe. Immerse yourself in the harrowing clash between the ruthless Skyhammer Clan and the valiant Knights of Florian L'Anguille, defenders of the fortified village of Raissal. Crafted by dedicated long-time enthusiasts of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, this film brings forth brutal on-screen combat, authentic costumes and props, and awe-inspiring locations, culminating in an epic cinematic experience.
  • Will there be monsters?
    Bringing monstrous creatures to life requires substantial funding, intricate special effects, and meticulous visual effect design. Fortunately, our team possesses the exact talents needed to accomplish this feat. Moreover, to the delight of fans, the film will feature unexpected cameo appearances, adding an extra layer of excitement and surprise.
  • What factions will be involved?
    Chaos Rising unveils a climactic showdown between the resilient Bretons and the fearsome Marauders. Led by the ruthless Ulfgar Skyhammer, the menacing Chaos Marauders from the North descend upon the fortified village of "Fort Raissal." Within its walls, Baron Heaubolt reigns, relying on the steadfast protection of his trusted companion Florian L'Anguille and his loyal knights guard.
  • Where is filming taking place?
    The main location for Chaos Rising was shot in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, with the prominent Duncarron Medieval Village serving as the primary and immersive film-set.
  • What cameras are we using?
    The film predominantly utilized Sony Mirrorless cameras for its production. These cameras proved indispensable due to their exceptional flexibility and low-light capabilities, enabling us to capture footage that would have otherwise posed challenges in its creation.
  • How can I help?
    In light of the tremendous success of our Kickstarter campaign, for which we express our heartfelt gratitude, we find ourselves facing numerous expenses that have exceeded our initial budget long ago. To ensure the continuation of Chaos Rising and the production of future episodes, we kindly invite you to support us by making a donation or purchasing our esteemed merchandise. Rest assured, every penny of profit generated will be reinvested into the creation of more captivating films.
  • Where does Chaos Rising stand regarding IP and copyright concerns?
    In order to ensure the realization of Chaos Rising and its enjoyment by our dedicated fans, we have implemented necessary adjustments. These changes were vital for the successful filming and release of the project. We want to assure you that the original story we presented remains intact, as an action-packed fantasy film inspired by a diverse range of fantasy sources, including Warhammer. It is important to note that Chaos Rising is not intended to be a historical re-enactment. The narrative will continue to revolve around a ruthless horde of Marauders besieging a heavily fortified village defended by valorous knights. The elements of blood, skulls, and chaos will persist, urging you to engage your imagination and guaranteeing your satisfaction with the final results.
  • I thought you were cancelled
    Rest assured, there is no truth to any rumours suggesting this. We want to assure you that we have taken great care to show utmost respect to both the community and the original designers while bringing this film to life. While it is true that production has significantly expanded in scale, this has led to unavoidable delays in the final release of the film. However, we want to emphasize that Chaos Rising is still progressing, and our commitment to delivering an exceptional cinematic experience remains unwavering. We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work diligently to bring you an extraordinary result.
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