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residents of raissal

Nestled near Tancred Castle on the northeastern coast of Breton, the fortified village of Raissal stands as a secluded bastion of humanity, far from the reaches of civilization. Despite the common Breton belief that a strategically positioned castle can provide a view of neighboring castles from its tower, Raissal remains isolated. Whether this is bravery or sheer arrogance is yet to be investigated.

Under the rule of the noble Baron Huebold de Beau, Raissal's inhabitants find solace in their leader's unwavering commitment to defend his people and estate until his last breath. Once a formidable knight in his prime, the Baron has become a mere shell of his former self, burdened by the loss of his wife and son, and consumed by a bitter resignation, awaiting his own demise. However, the grace of the Lady has bestowed a period of peace and relative prosperity upon Raissal, albeit rendering the Baron and his warriors complacent, weakened, and lacking the fervor of earlier days.
With the approaching celebration of Holy Grail Day, an esteemed Breton tradition, the Baron's chamberlain has orchestrated a grand festivity, uniting the village to offer praise to the Lady of the Lake.

 The noble and chivalrous knights of the great Kingdom of Breton undergo lifelong training to embody the epitome of Breton ruling class prowess. Clad in thick plate armor and chainmail, armed to the teeth, these warriors valiantly protect their lands with exceptional skill and unwavering bravery. The lance and longsword serve as the exclusive weapons of the knights, forbidden to lesser men and feared by any who dare threaten the land of Breton and its subjects.Mounted on powerful armored destriers, these knights charge into battle, their steeds possessing superior strength, remarkable musculature, and the finest training, befitting their noble and distinguished riders.

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