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props department

callum "caz" paul


Calum "Caz" Paul is an award winning miniature painter, actor, musician and former FLGS owner from Kirkcaldy. Calum has previously worked as a performer and set artist for amateur dramatics and live music events, including painting backdrops for local bands. He has over 20 years experience as a hobbyist and miniature painter winning multiple trade show painting awards, and was the owner and proprietor of a hobby shop in Kirkcaldy where he did commission work painting tabletop armies, battle boards and scenic buildings for customers. 

Upon the closure of his business 2017, he decided to pursue a career in performing, and with it came the opportunity to meet Combat International from Clan Ranald, who were mulling over the Kill Team rulebook on a set during lunch one day. This made for the ice-breaker that led to his involvement with the Clan, Duncarron and Chaos Rising.


Armies: Chaos Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, Salamanders, Death Guard, Skavenblight Scramblers.

steve wild

Chaos Armour-1.jpg

Steve Wild, hailing from Arbroath in Scotland hand crafted and designed the majority of Chaos Rising's armoury - from weapons to armour itself. Steve's work is much to be revered.

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