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What is Chaos Rising?


Chaos Rising is an indie proof-of-concept film born from a love of action, history, and table top gaming. Drawing inspiration from the rich and immersive Warhammer Old World fantasy universe.

This ambitious project was funded by generous Kickstarter pledges and was filmed on location in Scotland at the famous Duncarron Medieval Village.

The film is set in a fortified village in Breton that is under siege by a malevolent Chaos warband from the Northern wastes. Embark on an enthralling journey alongside Florian L'anguille, the protagonist, and his band of noble questing knights as they valiantly strive to safeguard the people of Raissal from Ulfgar, the villainous chieftain of the Skyhammer clan. 

Featuring awe-inspiring battle scenes, exhilarating action sequences, and a captivating narrative, Chaos Rising guarantees to captivate and enthrall action, history and table-top enthusiasts alike.

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