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chara gaos allan


deanna wolf


Chara Gallos Allan is the costume manager of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland and has worked on behalf of the Trust on various movie sets. With a background in performing arts and a wide range of costumes to her disposal she is extatic to help bringing the Chaos Rising Universe to life.


Deanna Wolf has been volunteering with the Clanranald Trust for Scotland for 10 years. During that time she has helped with costume on a lot of the events at Duncarron Medieval Village, and with a few of the film and TV productions The Clanranald Trust for Scotland, and Combat International have been involved with over the years (notably Vikingane/Norsemen and Outlaw King), as well as creating 16th Century dresses for the Court of Mary Queen of Scots.


Now the Assistant Head and Historical Advisor for the Costume department, Wolf works closely with the Chaos Rising producers to bring their vision to life. 


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