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The fortified village of Raissal, near Tancred Castle on the north eastern coast of Breton. Despite the well-known Breton wisdom that a well-placed castle can see the neighbouring Castle from their tower, Raissal sits secluded, far from the rest of civilisation, it is a bastion of humanity that stands alone against the evils of the world.

Ruled over by the noble Baron Huebold de Beau, who is duty-bound to defend his people, and his estate until his death. A great knight in his prime, he is now a shell of his former self. The death of his wife and son, leaving him a bitter shadow waiting for death. Despite this his people have, through the grace of the Lady, enjoyed a period of peace, and near prosperity. This peace however, has left the Baron and his warriors drunk, soft and complacent. With the Breton  celebration of Holy Grail Day fast approaching, the Baron's chamberlain has organised a grand celebration for all the village to give praise to the Lady of the lake.


The knights ride into battle on mighty armoured destriers. Their superior strength, musculature and training rank these horses as the best of their kind. Nothing less would be fitting for such noble and distinguished men.


The noble, chivalric knights of the great Kingdom of Breton train from birth to exemplify the prowess of the Breton ruling class. Armed to the teeth, and clad in thick plate armour and chainmail, these warriors defend their lands with great skill and bravery. The lance and longsword are the chivalric weapons of the knights, forbidden to lesser men, and feared by those who may threaten the land of Breton and its subjects.

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