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The Svarthamarr Clan, of the Graylings Tribe are a people feared for their ferocity. Hailing from the foothills of the Vanheim Mountains, situated on the northern coast of the Norse peninsula.


The Svarthamarr Clan are a nomadic people, finding shelter in the settlements they bring chaos upon with axe and sword. After a successful few months raiding and pillaging the lands of the Empire, they have been drawn West by tales of great knights who pray to a powerful water goddess. If the stories are true, then here shall be worthy foes whose severed heads will surely catch the attention of their maleficent gods!


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The denizens of the north have no time for plough or sickle, for their tools are the axe, the sword and the shield. What their own lands cannot provide, they simply take from the lands of lesser men.

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The barbaric, merciless reputation of The Svarthamarr Clan precedes them into battle. These Marauders charge head-first into the heart of the fight in a flurry of sweat and blood, caring little for such things as strategy, self-preservation, or tactics. They possess no fear of dying in combat, as to die in battle with the name of their Dark Gods on their tongues is the greatest honour a Norse warrior can achieve.

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