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graeme carlyle


graeme mcewan


Graeme Carlyle is a longtime member of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland and combat instructor for Combat International. Through which he has worked as a combat & stunt performer on many high-profile film and TV productions both local to the UK and internationally. As a combat instructor he helps to maintain the team’s expertise and professionalism, ensuring that they remain highly sought after throughout the industry.


Graeme's passion for choreographing and performing vicious fight scenes translates directly into his love for all things Warhammer. Other passions include: half-painting his armies, gaming and matte black motorcycles.


Armies: Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Dark Angels, Tyranids, Dark Eldar.

Graeme McEwan is a combat instructor with Combat International and a long time member of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland. With this he has worked on a wide range of Film and Tv productions.


When not working on set he is a Personal Trainer and full time university student. Apart from this, (and a long term love of Warhammer) Graeme is an avid gamer, weightlifter and reader.


Armies: Ogre Kingdoms, Orcs and Goblins, Tomb Kings, Blood Angels and Orks.

roy murray


Roy Murray  has been involved with the Clanranald Trust for Scotland since 2004 working on films such as Robin Hood (2010) and Transformers: the Last Knight (2017). He also played the role of Henry de Bohun in Bannockburn Live (2014) along with horse Bella.

The two of them work in horse-logging.

They also have competed in jousts throughout the UK, making him  a natural choice as a Brettonian (although the occasional war cry of “kill-kill, die-die” has led to questions as to his true allegiance).

Armies: Bretonnia, Skaven, Wood Elves, and Empire.

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