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Niamh Foulis started volunteering with Clanranald trust in 2017 and as a result, she got the opportunity to experience what it was like to be on a TV set. This inspired her to get her qualifications in makeup artistry and progress within the industry.

One of the biggest and most exciting challenges Niamh has faced so far on the project, was the various prosthetics required to make the blood-thirsty action and subsequent injuries come to life!


Emma Campbell is an artist and illustrator currently based in Edinburgh. She studied BA Fine Art, specialising in Drawing at Leeds Arts University. 

Following her graduation she chose to pursue her own various artistic projects, including working freelance as an illustrator, and as a make-up artist with a number of charities. The rest of the time she spends managing a bar in Edinburgh. 


Her ongoing projects include designing the lettering for the Chaos rising logo, applying fake blood and tattoos to the lovely folks in Chaos Rising, designing and running this website, and being the long suffering partner of producer Graeme Carlyle. 


Amanda Russell is an enthusiastic stylist with 14 years in her profession, she is also a Wella MCE.

She has a passion for hair on film sets as well as in the salon, where she is usually found.


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